NCrunch v1.33b Released!

by Remco 5. September 2011 16:42

After 2 1/2 months of hard slogging, the next version of NCrunch is here!  This is the biggest release since the tool was first launched, with the main focus being on improved support for testing frameworks.  1.33b introduces support for:

  • MS Test
  • Xunit
  • MbUnit

This means that NCrunch now supports 5 major testing frameworks.  The Xunit and MbUnit test frameworks are provided via integration with Gallio, which should provide more opportunities for integration with other frameworks in future.

There's no need to do any special configuration for these frameworks to start working ... just switch NCrunch on and let it churn away :)

Also included in the release is a wide array of bug fixes and improved support for different build and test environments.  Making NCrunch work in every build environment (no matter how crazy or customised) is an enormous challenge, and I want to thank everyone for reported issues or suggested improvements - your support makes all the difference.

You'll notice a few new UI upgrades too, and better support for a 'manual mode' that can be used if you don't feel comfortable with having your tests run automatically.


Go grab it now!


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