NCrunch Easter Release (v2.6)

by Remco 18. April 2014 14:30

Happy Easter!

NCrunch v2.6 is now online and ready for download.

There's a lot in this release.  I really recommend reading through the full list of changes, but in case you want the short version:

  • NCrunch now supports Xunit version 2.  Xunit V2 hit beta a few weeks ago.  Because V2 of Xunit is a complete rewrite of Xunit from the ground up, this was a good opportunity to finally integrate NCrunch with Xunit directly to achieve better performance and reliability.  NCrunch will continue to use Gallio to interact with Xunit V1, but will work directly with Xunit when discovering and running V2 tests.
  • There's been some widespread UI enhancements in NCrunch 2.6, including new icons in all context menus and a much requested configuration setting to change the test output text font.
  • The distributed processing window now also has a series of checkboxes allowing you to enable/disable the use of specific servers (including your own).
  • IDE drag has been much reduced through reduction in IDE memory traffic.  Keeping memory traffic under control is a neverending goal for all VS extension developers, as garbage collection operations can interrupt the IDE and cause frustration.
  • A new configuration option has been added allowing NCrunch to infer project dependencies through referenced assembly names.  This should help extend compatibility to solutions that don't specify project references explicitly in their build files.
  • Lots of fixes!

Go download 2.6!


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