NCrunch v2.5 Released

by Remco 3. March 2014 13:52

NCrunch V2.5 just went out the door!

This version has some new features, including:

  • A new control replacing the old Tests Window richedit text control.  The new control is much faster, has less issues and is better visually aligned with Visual Studio.
  • A new export option for the Metrics Window, allowing you to export the contents of the tree to a CSV file
  • A new export option allowing you to export data from the Tests Window in CSV or text format
  • A new configuration option allowing you to define environment variables present in all NCrunch task runners (including those used on grid nodes to execute builds/tests on your behalf)
  • A new configuration option that can disable the coverage marker auto colour correction introduced in V2

There's also a good range of fixes in this release for recently reported issues.  I recommend checking out the full list of changes.

Go grab v2.5!


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