New NCrunch Beta Build (v2.3)

by Remco 14. January 2014 16:52

I'm happy to say that the next beta build of NCrunch V2 is now available!

This build has a some exciting new features that are well worth a look.  Of course, there's also another round of fixes for issues reported from the previous beta build (v2.2).  Keep the bug reports coming!! V2 is getting closer to RTM every day.


Custom Engine Mode Enhancements

The ability to create custom engine modes has always been a useful feature in NCrunch, right since the early days of V1.  v2.3 includes some more goodies here.

It's now possible to create new test filters for custom engine modes.

  • Inline Coverage Filter - This lets you choose which tests are allowed to show code coverage inline in the IDE.  This is a really useful filter to customise if you want to target a specific group of tests while you work.  It also can be used to set the engine to show code coverage for pinned tests only, giving you a fast and lightweight way to isolate coverage for targeted tests.  You can even set a filter that will only show code coverage for tests with certain execution times - for example, you may only be interested in the code coverage of tests that can execute in less than 1 second.
  • Metrics Coverage Filter - As above, only this filter is applied to the metrics shown in the Metrics Window.  If you like to watch your metrics like a hawk and slice them up to find the gaps, I'm sure you'll find this extremely useful.

Another new little feature you'll see here is the ability to automatically pin tests that have been newly created/discovered.  This is useful for the standard 'Run pinned tests automatically, others manually' mode, as tests that you've just created are usually of significant interest and deserve to be pinned (and therefore automatically run).


Ability to Exclude Files From Auto-Build

A very common feature request has been for the ability to specify certain file types (i.e. *.js, *.html, etc) to not automatically trigger NCrunch to run builds.  v2.3 includes this feature as a project-level configuration option, allowing you to specify files that NCrunch should ignore.  I'm sure people will find this as a useful way to boost performance and reduce the drag of the engine when working in files that NCrunch shouldn't really care about.


Go grab v2.3 and tell me if it's any good!


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