Release of NCrunch v2.8!

by Remco 25. August 2014 14:05

V2.8 of NCrunch just went out the door!  As promised, this release includes the much requested headless console runner that can be used to run NCrunch inside your continuous integration system.

There's also a whole lot more in this release.  Actually, 2.8 is a very big release when summing up its full list of changes.

Larger improvements worth mentioning include:

  • Some big internal changes around how the engine queues tests for execution.  The previous model involved some unnecessary duplication of processing.  The new model should solve this entirely.
  • Support for NUnit Explicit tests.  These can now be executed manually and are implicitly excluded from automatic execution.
  • Fixes to improve the handling of custom debug metadata through NCrunch's instrumentation of assemblies.  This should help to solve widely reported problems with run-time evaluation with the debugger active, particularly around iterators and async blocks.
  • A faster, more transparent and more stable engine initialisation sequence.
  • Support for the latest public release of Xunit V2 (the .2700 build)


Go grab v2.8!


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