VS2019 Support Fully Implemented

by Remco 16. April 2019 12:53

I'm happy to announce the release of NCrunch v3.26, which is the first version of NCrunch to support VS2019 without all kinds of 'experimental' warnings all over it.

For reasons previously disclosed, VS2019 has proven to be quite a challenging IDE for us to support.  Specifically, the loss of our top-level menu required a bit of a rethink in the areas of how we announce availability of our extension and enable access to many of its global functions.


Global Access Changes

We now have a new popup to announce the presence of NCrunch the first time it is used.  Don't worry - you'll only see this once and only when using VS2019.


Under VS2019, the corner spinner acts as a replacement for our now demoted top-level VS menu.  It's possible to access all menu functions via a context menu on the spinner.  This will also work for older versions of VS.


We also trap the ALT+U shortcut key throughout the VS session and use it to open the above context menu.  This means that you should be able to have the same shortcut key experience under VS2019 as you did under older versions of VS.


Other Fixes And Improvements Targeted At VS2019


  • MSFakes is now working
  • Colour scheme alignment has been fixed and is now working for all built-in themes
  • DPI scaling has been much improved and is getting closer to fully working (this is a hard one)
  • Internal UI integration has been made more resilient to future breaking changes


See the release notes for a full list of changes.


Future Work

Right now we're in the process of rebuilding NCrunch's CIL manipulation and instrumentation system to improve debug compatibility with the newer platforms.  We're expecting this should give some very significant improvements in build and instrumentation performance, greatly reducing the time lag between changes being made and test results being shown in the IDE.  It will also pave the road for future development of new features (we have lots of ideas here!).


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