Moving back to New Zealand

by Remco 9. November 2011 07:36

Well, after 4 exciting years in London, it's finally been time for me to turn tail and head back to New Zealand.

I want to thank everyone that I've worked with over my stay in the UK.  It's been an amazing experience and my head is ready to explode with everything I've learnt there.  I'm sure I'll be visiting again regularly!

Meanwhile, I'd be interested to hear from anyone using NCrunch in Auckland.  Judging from the website traffic, NCrunch hasn't seen too much adoption here yet ... someone please prove me wrong! I want to know if there are other crunchers in this part of the world.


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I'm Remco Mulder, the developer of NCrunch and a code monkey at heart.  I've spent the last decade consulting around Auckland and London, and I currently live in New Zealand.  Interests include writing code, writing tests for code, and writing more code! Follow me on twitter

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