Bang! Another NCrunch Beta Release! (1.39b)

by Remco 15. May 2012 19:12

I just saw this comment a few hours ago from @esesci on twitter: @remcomulder we're craving for a new release :)

Either it's something in the air, or maybe its just about time again .. but somehow people just seem to know!  The next version of NCrunch is ready to spread its continuous testing love throughout the world.

Performance and stability were major goals for the 1.39b release.  Feature requests and compatibility fixes also took a big role in shaping the contents of 1.39b, so I have many people to thank for sharing their thoughts and experiences in the support forum.

So anyway, let's take a look and see what 1.39b has to offer!


Metrics View

By popular demand, NCrunch now has a specialised view dedicated to showing metrics across your open solution - with a specific focus on code coverage!  You can easily access this view at any time through the NCrunch menu.  When you do so, you'll be presented with a tidy dockable pane allowing you to drill down into various metrics across your solution.

In the likely event that your solution contains some code you're not interested in viewing metrics for, you can easily exclude these metrics from the totals ("grey them out") by selecting the project, directory or source file, then using the leftmost toolbar option or the 'Exclude from metrics aggregation' context menu option.

An export option is available in case you want to keep track of your metrics over time through your own system.

You can also navigate to your source code by double-clicking any of the source files listed here, so there's no excuse for not tracking down those low percentages!

You won't find a refresh button on the Metrics View.  It updates in real time as you make changes to your source code.


Tests Window to Source Code Navigation

It's been a long time coming, and now those useful little hyperlinks are finally here.  You can now navigate from build errors and runtime exceptions directly into your source code.


Customisation Options for Corner Spinner

A new range of colour options has been added to the global configuration for the corner spinner.  You can now change all colours of the spinner, from the circles right down to the text inside.

Of particular interest here is the ability to change the colour of the orbiting points on the spinner.  Because these orbiters actually represent tasks being executed by the NCrunch engine, you can choose different colours for different types of tasks.  Nothing quite like watching bright blue test tasks chasing bright yellow build tasks around in a circle.  Perhaps I should include a hypnosis option for the next release?


Support for NUnit 2.6

NCrunch 1.39b adds support for the new version of NUnit released back in February.  This means you can now use NUnit action attributes.


Performance Enhancements

This release includes a partial rewrite of the code coverage mapping routine at the core of NCrunch in a bid to improve performance on large and heavily tested solutions, along with many other performance improvements.  After giving this a good thrash on some heavy solutions, I can confidently say that this is so far the fastest version of NCrunch by a great many miles.


Other Changes

Beyond all of the above, this release also contains 27 other fixes and compatibility improvements to make the NCrunch experience more fullfilling and more accessible to all.


Anyway, go grab the new version and get crunching!


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Some One
Some One United States
5/17/2012 1:31:57 PM #

I love what it looks like the product can do, but I am hesitant to get involved because of not knowing what the price will be?

There is a big difference between say 49.95 & 99.95, but even a bigger difference if you’re asking for 299.99 or 499.99?

Can you tell us anything about the pricing? I don't want to download get hooked and then have to pay some outlandish price. Sounds like a drug deal.

Remco Mulder
Remco Mulder New Zealand
5/17/2012 2:27:24 PM #

Thanks for your interest.  I'm afraid I can't share any details about expected pricing as I so far have no solid plans in this area.  I've done my best to design NCrunch in such a way as to limit the investment required by anyone taking on the tool for their daily development, and as such I hope that should you ever be left without the tool that it won't hurt your bottom line.

Whether you choose not to take up using NCrunch because of uncertain pricing is entirely your choice.  One way you could look at the open beta is as being a way to enjoy the use of a very useful tool for a period of time without needing to commit to any kind of payment.

tc Poland
6/14/2012 6:44:26 PM #

Can I suggest something regarding pricing?
It would be really nice if you could provide 2 pricing schemes: one for companies and one for independent developers (a so called named license) just like JetBrains does with ReSharper.
This way us independent contractors,  consultants or hobbysts will be able to pay for such tool.  Typical prices are aimed at companies that have huge budgets while us self-employed people earn more or less a typicall salary. I believe this way you could actually increase your sale as you would target a group that, most probaly, would not consider buying NCrunch otherwise. Plus the fact that such people are great "marketing message" carriers since they have a lot of opportunities to recommend good products (which NCrunch already is!) to their clients, at user groups, etc.

Jas United Kingdom
5/18/2012 12:42:17 AM #

My company block installer executables. Can you please provide the zip format, which i believe you previously did, otherwise i won't be able to get the 1.39b love.

Remco Mulder
Remco Mulder New Zealand
5/18/2012 9:41:18 AM #

Hi Jas -

I've just added a ZIP file download link on the download page, with installation instructions.  I hope this gets you up and running.

Jas United Kingdom
5/18/2012 8:38:47 PM #

Thank you very much!

John Nilsson
John Nilsson Sweden
5/25/2012 12:43:53 AM #

First of all I just have to express my gratitude. I love this tool!

@Some One: Don't be, whatever the price will be it'll probably be worth it.

matt United States
5/30/2012 12:51:18 AM #

Love the tool!  Are the images for this blog post broken for anyone else?  I can't see any screenshots.  Thanks!

Remco Mulder
Remco Mulder New Zealand
5/30/2012 8:22:34 AM #

It looks like the images aren't working for IE ... Some kind of problem between BlogEngine.NET and IE.  I'll see if I can fix it Smile

John United States
6/12/2012 2:58:12 AM #

I've noticed that the Engine Mode resets every time I load a project or start visual studio. This is causing me issues because it defaults back to Run All Tests and we have a lot of Infrastructure tests that will run, but require user input and have some prompts and cause visual studio to spam me with them whenever I open the project, until I can change the engine mode to ignore that category of tests.

Is there something I can change in the config files to either change the default from Run Everything to Run nothing, or have it remember my custom (5th) engine mode?

Awesome job btw!

Remco Mulder
Remco Mulder New Zealand
6/12/2012 7:45:33 AM #

Hi John, thanks for sharing this issue!

Under normal operation NCrunch will always save the selected engine mode in the .ncrunchsolution.user file.  It's possible that if this file is set to read-only or if NCrunch has an internal problem of some kind that your selected mode won't be saved.

Try the following:
1. Ensure the file is not set to read-only
2. Change your engine mode to something else
3. Close your solution in VS (but don't close down VS)
4. Open up a different solution in VS
5. Close down VS
6. Load up a new VS instance and try opening your original solution
7. Hopefully the engine mode will have been remembered

Note that normally you shouldn't include the .ncrunchsolution.user file under source control (as it's a user-specific file).

If this doesn't fix it, please drop a post in the support forum and I'll help you through some other things we can try.



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