NCrunch 1.36b Released!

by Remco 19. December 2011 15:01

To celebrate Christmas, the festive season and all that good stuff, a new release of NCrunch is now available!  This release contains fully 65 new fixes, enhancements and features - all for your TDD enjoyment.  The extent of the change in this release marks it as the biggest increment in the tool since it was first released back in May.

Highlights include:

  • Dynamic analysis of NUnit tests, allowing test cases to be separated out and represented independently by NCrunch throughout the UI and code coverage
  • Copying of referenced assemblies to component workspaces to prevent problems with files being locked by tests under execution
  • Engine optimisations to generally improve performance and response times
  • Better visible workflow for manual testing

So anyway, go get your Christmas present!!!


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@rek Poland
12/19/2011 6:15:15 PM #

Great work!!!! Thank you. It installed and started to work without any problems. Lots of stuff fixed. Custom appconfig sections works so I'm happy as I can Smile

Phil Canada
12/20/2011 12:55:11 AM #

Thanks for the great tool and the great work by the way.
The new config 'IncludeStaticReferencesInWorkspace' cause a break in our NCrunch usage.  We had to search a while before finally turning off this feature to make it works again.
Would it be better to turn off this new configuration to keep compatibility with previous version?


Remco New Zealand
12/20/2011 6:13:28 AM #

Hi Phil,

The IncludeStaticReferencesInWorkspace is expected to be the way forward with NCrunch, as the idea is to get away from trying to reference files from the original solution.  This configuration option was added as a safety lever so that anyone experiencing problems with the new method would still have a way to work in 1.36b, though the goal would be to find a way of leaving this on as many future features will depend on it.

Is there any chance you could send through a bug report after reproducing your problem with this setting turned on?  I'd really like to solve the issue properly for both yourself and others.

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