NCrunch Easter Release

by Remco 30. March 2013 11:13

Happy Easter everyone!

To help celebrate this occasion, I'm happy to announce that the 1.45 release of NCrunch is now available for download!

Essentially a maintenance release, 1.45 includes 40 distinctive fixes and compatibility improvements.

You can find a full list of all changes here.

Of course, because 1.45 is a minor release, it's entirely free for all licensed users.  So there's no need to wait - go grab it now!

Version 2 of NCrunch is also now well under development, and is on track for its release in the fourth quarter of this year.  This version will contain some new ground breaking features that will further change the way we test our software.


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nielsvk Netherlands
3/30/2013 9:54:15 PM #

Great, an update! I was actually just visiting the site for any feedback. It's been quiet on updates, and NCrunch is behaving a bit unstable with my growing solution file.

With a v2 update at the end of the year, are the early adopters are out of luck with getting a free update to that version?

Remco United States
3/31/2013 7:45:35 AM #

Thanks for stopping by!  Most of the time these days is going onto development on NCrunch rather than blog posts, so I apologise for the radio silence Smile

I hope that the 1.45 release solves any stability problems you're experiencing, otherwise feel free to share further details in the support forum and I'll see if I can help you out.

The upgrade policy for v2 is that all those purchasing within 6 months of the release will qualify for a free upgrade, although everyone will have a 50% discount on the listed price, so I hope this won't be too much of a sting.  To make v2 free for all early adopters is unfortunately impossible, as this would commercially make the release completely free, without any resources available for v3.

I'm very excited about the upcoming feature set for v2, and I hope to share more details as it progresses.  It will be an exciting release!



Hannes Kochniß
Hannes Kochniß Germany
4/1/2013 10:05:18 AM #

I really hope we're talking about some kind of Roslyn integration, because that would make NCrunch jump ahead 300% in perf. Also I hope you do something about the UI issues before that, there are quite some easy-to-fix problems for power users like me (I should prob. file some bugs in the forum..).

All-in-all it saddens me to see a certain decline in update frequency after going commercial. Hope that doesn't worsen, the tool still needs a lot of polish to look like a serious commercial app imo, but I'm sure you will imporve that in the future..

Remco New Zealand
4/2/2013 9:28:11 AM #

Roslyn has huge potential and I've been watching it with great interest.  Unfortunately this project hasn't yet reached full maturity, so I don't think we'll see much of an impact on NCrunch's feature set from it just yet.  Although I am excited about the doors it opens - I want those performance improvements too Smile

The UI is being revised as part of V2 development.  With that said though, I'd really appreciate it if you could push any issues you're experiencing with it through the bug reporter.  Although I'm aware of a number of problems in the UI (especially around performance), it would be great to be sure that I have them all covered.

The frequency of releases over the last few months has had to slow down as a matter of necessity.  Late last year, NCrunch made the transition from a free beta product into a commercially released product.  This means that the focus has had to shift away from risky development of destabilising features, and towards ensuring the product stays stable and reliable.  Regardless of how well a product is tested, it just isn't possible to keep it completely stable while churning out features at the same speed as last year.  The development of features is now being rolled into major releases which can be pushed out with their own beta test periods in order to keep risk levels down.  Everyone hates it when upgrading a tool introduces regressions or unexpected failures.  I hope this makes sense Smile



Hannes Kochniß
Hannes Kochniß Germany
4/3/2013 4:16:00 AM #

Ok, I see your point with the UI and the update frequency. Where I would still argue is Roslyn.. it might seem early, but there are already some people using it to great effect. It can be seen as very likely that the next CTP will be released before end of this year (with the usual update frequency it could come out any month now), and this will, following the trend, close the feature gap to the standard C# compiler: dynamic, maybe even async. So .NEt4 compliance is close. Also, though the API isn't stable, there weren't any huge jumps in the last CTP. As integrating it seems a pretty big jump for NCrunch (and also nothing you would implement in 2 weeks, I guess), why not start playing around with it, and enabling it via some kind of hidden "for the fearless" feature switch?
It could already be used for the perf boost in v2, and enough people care more about good perf, esp. when working on brownfield projects, then about dynamic/async (which is likely to be supported in Roslyn before end of 2013 anyway). Of course, if Roslyn is unstable/unperformant, that's another story.. but a good reason to try it now to see if that's the case. Or maybe some soon-to-be released v3 of something will more likely convince you to allow users to use more cutting edge features. Competition is always nice. Wink

Anyway, thanks for the update, keep it coming!

Guillaume Lecomte
Guillaume Lecomte Belgium
6/19/2013 2:06:15 AM #

Is it possible to have a guarantee I will have a free update to V2 if I buy v1 now?
With V2 release in the fourth quarter of this year I should be in the free 6 months period but given the price I would not take the risk to buy it now if it's not a sure thing.

Another question, feel free to ignore it but it doesn't hurt to ask:
Do you plan a special offer the day it will be released (or for special occasions)?
I'm sure you would gain a lot of customers with limited time special offers (it would make HackerNews front page, I remember JetBrains website servers going down after something like that)

Remco New Zealand
6/19/2013 8:55:02 AM #

V2 of NCrunch is aimed for late this year, although the exact date of the release will depend upon a number of factors (i.e. stability, feature completeness, beta testing reception, etc). I'm afraid it isn't possible to commit to the date so far in advance, although I do understand the position of wanting to be included in the 6 months upgrade policy.

The 6 month policy exists out of consideration of those that have bought a license for V1 within a very short period of the next major release, at which point moving to the latest version would effectively be 150% of normal price. It isn't intended in the same manner as a discount or special offer, as someone that purchases a license barely within the 6 month period would still have extensive use of V1 before V2 is available.

So I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee when a purchase will quality for automatic upgrade, all I can suggest is to look for the projected release dates, and plan as you choose to.

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